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ATP Tabs (20 tabs)
Part Number 502
ATP Tabs (20 tabs)
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Palo Alto Lab’s ATP TABS: You will never workout without it again!!

Do you like having that insane focus, energy, strength, stamina and endurance for your workouts when you drink your creatine based pre-workout powders? Now imagine getting those same results without the caffeine crash or sleepless nights that go hand in hand with your pre-workout product. ATP Tab’s are sports nutrition’s first sublingual ATP product designed to give you the most intense muscle building, fat shredding workouts of your life..without the caffeine crash!!  With Palo Alto lab’s proprietary sublingual delivery you can finally feel the full effects of what a straight ATP product can do for your workout and your body.  Beat the bloat of creatine and experience all of the great gains without the side effects. Once you train with ATP you will never train without it again!


  • Workout longer and harder than you ever have before
  • First pure sublingual ATP product to hit the market
  • All the results of creatine without the bloat
  • Significantly increase energy and mental acuity
  • Sublingual technology allows you to feel and see results immediately.
  • Enhances the delivery of glucose, nutrients and oxygen to working and recovering muscles
  • Helps in removal of catabolic waste products such as lactic acid
  • Stackable with your favorite pre-workout products

Can I stack my ATP Tab’s with creatine and or my pre-workout product?
The answer is of course yes. ATP Tabs has been specifically designed to work synergistically with creatine based pre-workout products to give you the best workouts of your life. We suggest gauging your tolerance to both creatine and ATP at the same time.  Simply take a half serving, either 1 tab or a ½ tab based on your weight and combine it with your pre-workout product of choice. Once you have gauged your tolerance levels jump up to a full serving and experience the extreme difference in length and intensity of your workouts.  With ATP tabs tagged on to your arsenal of supplements you will experience the most consistent and effective workouts of your life.

You Have All Heard of ATP, But What Exactly Is it:
ATP stands for adenosine 5’-triphosphate, commonly referred to as “the universal energy storage and transfer nucleotide.” Adenosine triphosphate exists in virtually every cell of the body and its role in energy function at the cellular level has been well established by science.   In layman’s terms ATP is your body’s natural energy source.   ATP is generally manufactured in the body on a continual basis but age, exercise (weight training, sports) and other stressors can significantly reduce or deplete your ATP levels and this is where Palo Alto Lab’s ATP Tabs comes into play. When you are in the middle of your workout and you are straining for that last rep or trying to finish that last mile, the boost you receive from ATP Tabs will allow you to burst through your plateaus!

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